Financial Advisor Talking To Senior Couple At HomeThe estate planning problem is the same for most people — they know they should do it, and they plan to do it someday. Just not today.

Of course, today becomes tomorrow, and tomorrow becomes next month, and so on. Procrastination can quickly become an eternity.

Eternity is exactly what we don’t have. Everyone who delays in executing an estate plan runs a big risk. Which risk, exactly?

Well, frankly, we’re talking about the risk that something terrible could happen to you before you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your assets and your family.

That’s the case Wealth Management is making to its readers this month — that none of us have the luxury of waiting when we don’t know what our respective timeframes look like.

“The old must die …and the young may die,” they remind us. Touché.

Then again, death isn’t the only threat to the unprepared. Injury, illness, and incapacity are all concerns too.

After all, estate plans don’t just pertain to our deaths. All plans should include important documents that assist our loved ones should something happen to us while we’re still alive.

An unexpected car crash could change everything. That exact scenario happens to unsuspecting families every single day in this country, and the whole ordeal is much, much harder when the victim hasn’t already taken proactive precautions.

All of this is up to you. With a little professional guidance, creating an effective estate plan is a remarkably manageable task.  It just requires you to take that first step.

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