How you decide to put together your estate and the individual professionals you choose to assist you in accomplishing those goals can go a long way towards giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your assets are transferred when it is time. There are two key tips you need to keep in mind as you approach this process. The first is to determine how your money will be spent and the second is to leave no question or confusion as to who gets what. First of all, planning your estate goes far beyond dictating who will be able to receive what. It might also outline any special requirements for how the money may be spent.

As an example, if you want your children to have access to a college fund you need to stipulate that this happens. If you do this kind of advance planning, consulting with an estate planning attorney and using tools like a trust can go a long way. The second step that you take in order to maximize your estate planning is to leave no question about who will receive what. Divvying up your estates may fall to the estate courts if you fail to take action.

Writing a will is the easiest way to outline the assets you have within your estate and who you would like to receive them. Your will should clearly state the assets that you own and how you intend for them to be disseminated. Make sure you walk through this process carefully with your attorney. Mistakes cannot be fixed once you’ve already passed away. It is important to clarify what you need and what you want right now.

Your Georgia estate planning lawyer can help you figure out what you need.


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