When a beloved spouse passes away, it can be overwhelming to determine the next steps that you need to take in order to protect yourself.

There are many different items and paperwork details that you need to take care of but this process can seem confusing if you do not have an experienced estate planning attorney.

Many senior citizens do not realize that they need to update their estate plans as time goes on, as tax laws change, and major life events occur. This is an important opportunity to schedule a consultation with your estate planning attorney to talk about reasons to update your plan otherwise your family could be left with the conflicts and frustration of trying to figure out what you intended.

The majority of individuals who are married will appoint a spouse as the beneficiary of their assets or as the trustee of their estate. This means that if your spouse passes away, you need to reassign another person to take your spouse’s place legally.

An estate planning attorney can help you evaluate all of your existing documents and determine which ones need to be updated. Having a relationship with a lawyer who understands your family and circumstances is strongly recommended so that you can work with someone over the course of your life as your needs change. Contact a Georgia estate planning lawyer to learn more.