thinking senior man with question mark on gray wall background .There are three primary goals that you should attempt to accomplish in putting together your will. Naming a guardian for your children, determining who oversees your assets when you pass away, and identifying your estate executor.

Aside from determining who to name as guardian of your children and determining how to divide your assets, you may also want to leave behind specific instructions as it relates to your charitable contributions as well. Leaving behind funeral instructions is generally not recommended since it may be days or weeks before your loved ones find the materials associated with your will. Remember too that your will alone may not be enough to accomplish your estate planning goals in and of itself.

When thinking about who to name as the executor for your estate, bear in mind that this person will maintain responsibility for administering your will, such as paying taxes and debts, and then distributing the remainder of your estate according to your desires.
This executor is frequently a trusted member of the family or a friend, but it can be anyone you choose, and there are individuals who serve in professional employment circumstances who will take on the responsibility of serving as the executor of your will. You may also wish to discuss other key documents such as an advanced healthcare directive and a power of attorney with your own estate planning lawyer in Georgia.