Happy family with newborn babyIf your family is like most of those across the United States, there’s a good chance that estate planning is probably one of those items on your to-do list that’s simply been overlooked many times. Far too many people in the U.S. have put estate planning off because they don’t think it applies to them.

It’s a myth that only very wealthy individuals can benefit from estate planning. If you’ve ignored the options in the past because you were single or part of a married couple without children, you too can benefit from estate planning. You may want to update your will to cover a guardian for your minor child or to ensure that all your power of attorney documents are accurate, too.

However, there are numerous circumstances that can prompt you to set up that important meeting with an estate planning attorney. One of these might be having a baby. If you have recently had a child or are planning ahead for the birth of a child in the next couple of months, it is a good opportunity to set up an appointment with an attorney to talk through your estate planning options.
Numerous legal documents may be included in your estate plan and a qualified lawyer should help you with this. Your estate plan should outline the responsibility for the dependents in the event of your death and it should also discuss the disposition of your assets. You need an estate plan for your children, your loved ones and for your stuff. Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced estate planning lawyer in Valdosta if you need assistance with this process.