All the best intentions of putting together a comprehensive will for estate planning purposes can go by the wayside in the event that your loved ones are not able to find this critical document. Having a clearly articulated plan drafted by a knowledgeable estate planning attorney and putting this in a place where individuals can find it is essential.

Far too many Americans, according to a recent study conducted by BMO Wealth management, do not tell their family members how their estates will be divided or even where the wills are located. This could lead to complex conflicts down the line and add additional frustration and anxiety for an already grief stricken family. Make sure that at least your estate planning attorney has an idea of where your will is located so that you can direct him or her to find it at a moment’s notice. It’s important to consider both what you want to include in your plans and what you’ll share with your loved ones about it.

It is not a good idea to tell nobody about the location of your will because this will lead to will contest and other disputes among your family members. Individuals should be able to find critical documents as soon as possible after you pass away to initiate the probate process. Identifying an attorney who has extensive experience in the world of estate planning can assist you.


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