Positive senior couple opening saving account in bankMost families at least consider preparing for the unthinkable by putting together a will in their estate planning. But you also need to ensure that your digital life is protected as well. What happens, for example, if a loved one has access to all of their online accounts such as their stored photos and their business tied to an email account?

If you don’t have the password for that email account, it could be difficult or impossible to get into that if something were to happen to the loved one. Setting up legacy requests can be accomplished by going directly to websites like Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Although it’s a relatively new concept to protect your digital afterlife, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place to allow individuals access to that information should something happen to you. Many people don’t anticipate a sudden accident such as a car crash, a stroke, a heart attack or other long term care event.

However, your loved ones may face unique personal and business related problems if you don’t have a digital plan in place. Consulting with an experienced estate planning attorney is strongly recommended to verify whether or not there are any local or state laws associated with your estate planning goals.

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