Nursing homeOne of the country’s largest newspapers, with nationwide distribution, is sounding an alarm for its readers: the overwhelming majority of them are going to need long-term care.

Of course, that statistic isn’t only true of Chicago Tribune subscribers. It holds up for the entire country and much of the world.

The United States government estimates that some 70% of Americans currently age 65 or older should expect to require some degree of long-term care in their lives. That’s an uncomfortable statistic because it means you’re probably included in it, or at least you probably will be someday.

The Tribune doesn’t stop there, though. They cite a few other figures that might hit close to home:

• 1 out of 4 American adults provided unpaid long-term care to a loved one in 2009.

• In that same year, those adults spent “an average of 20 uncompensated weeks caring for someone.”

• 80% of the long-term care in this country comes from volunteer caregivers (usually family members).

Together, these facts and figures paint a surprising picture of a country shackled by long-term care needs. Professional services are often unaffordable for many families, particularly those that did not begin to plan long in advance. Sadly, aging seniors often face a compromise in their care as a result.

The reality of today’s long-term care situation — in other words, the fact that your family will probably need long-term care and it will be very hard or even impossible to pay for that on your own — is reason enough to sit down and map out a plan for a future.

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