Tips for Veteran Family Caregivers

The best thing a family caregiver can do for an injured, disabled or elder veteran is to take care of themselves. Putting their health and well-being ahead of their veteran loved one may seem a bit counterintuitive, but it is critical so that the caregiver will be healthy enough to provide care for the long-term…. Read More »

We Know It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

We know that raising a child is not easy. As a parent, caring for your child and ensuring his or her needs are met is at the top of your priority list. Sometimes, however, unexpected circumstances may arise where you may need a little extra help. This is why it is so important to have… Read More »

Seniors Beware: New Con Targets Social Security Checks

By KATHY KRISTOF MONEYWATCH July 31, 2017, 5:30 AM Seniors beware: New con targets Social Security checks Government officials are warning about a rash of cons targeting Social Security beneficiaries. Posing as agents for the government’s cornerstone retirement program, the latest con tries to trick seniors into “verifying” private information — including Social Security numbers, birth dates and… Read More »

Why Might It Make Sense to Avoid Probate in Georgia?

Most people have heard the general advice that it’s a good idea to engage in estate planning with an experienced attorney because it assists with avoiding the probate process. While it is certainly true that one of the most commonly explored aspects of estate planning has to do with avoiding probate, you may not actually… Read More »

Flexibility is Key for Your Estate Planning

Good estate planning should require, at a bare minimum, a will. Your will should include the potential for flexibility as your life is likely to change and you may wish to alter things down the road. Bear in mind that particularly with a presidential election on the horizon, estate planning laws can also change. This… Read More »