How To Be Prepared for the Loss of a Spouse

Discussing what will happen in the event your spouse dies and you are left to take care of your children can be an uncomfortable conversation to say the least. Despite the sensitivity of this topic, however, it is important to start the conversation early. The creation of an estate plan can help you both to… Read More »

You Die, You Named a Guardian, Now What?

For most parents of school-aged children, creating an estate plan is less about distributing assets through their last will and testament than it is about appointing a guardian for their children. However, many of our clients tell us that once they complete their last will and testament and appoint a guardian, they “check out” of… Read More »

Estate Planning A Necessity for New Business Owners

A recent study conducted by RBC Wealth Management identified that even though nearly 40% of American business owners have a complete transfer plan, nearly half of them have not taken the necessary steps to make a will. Even though business owners are more likely to have a wealth transfer plan than their employees with half… Read More »

Mental Competence and Legal Documents

Our legal system functions with the principle that in order for you to sign any legal document, you must have the necessary mental competence to do so. Health care powers of attorney, DNRs, financial powers of attorneys and trusts are typically classified as contracts, but contractual capacity alone is typically not enough to execute these… Read More »

What If your Loved Ones Are Unable to Find Your Will?

All the best intentions of putting together a comprehensive will for estate planning purposes can go by the wayside in the event that your loved ones are not able to find this critical document. Having a clearly articulated plan drafted by a knowledgeable estate planning attorney and putting this in a place where individuals can… Read More »