Defining Mental Competence for The Purposes of a Will

Did you know that practically any will could be contested? Although the burden of proof for challenging a will sits with the person who contest the will to begin with, it is still possible for someone to allege that a will is simply invalid. Thinking about competency is especially important for adult children who are… Read More »

Be Aware of Exposed Assets with Your Estate Plan

Estate planning and asset protection planning frequently go hand in hand. Assets that are held as joint property could turn out to be problems in the event that the surviving spouse has a significant amount of debt. If you have not thought about the best way to pass things on to your heirs while also… Read More »

Flexibility is Key for Your Estate Planning

Good estate planning should require, at a bare minimum, a will. Your will should include the potential for flexibility as your life is likely to change and you may wish to alter things down the road. Bear in mind that particularly with a presidential election on the horizon, estate planning laws can also change. This… Read More »

Can a Disney Movie Teach You Estate Planning Lessons?

For anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to see the movie, Frozen, avoid the rest of this blog because some spoilers may be provided. For readers thinking about their future in terms of estate planning however, you might be surprised to learn that this popular movie with extremely catchy music can teach you some estate… Read More »