If you are approaching your 40’s, you have an obligation to your family to make sure that they are cared for appropriately if something ever happens to you. Although you hope that this situation never arises, it’s imperative to get your estate plan in order and to obtain life insurance if you don’t already have it.
If you sustained a sudden disability, for example, but later recovered you may never forgive yourself for not taking these critical planning steps. This is particularly true since term life insurance is so expensive when you’re in your 40’s as opposed to waiting later.
An estate plan is a crucial part of your family’s back up plan as it lays out the directions for how funds and other assets could be used to provide for your family. Additionally, your estate plan can include details about who you wish to nominate as a guardian to care for your minor children.
Putting the resources is extremely beneficial if something were to happen to you. In an ideal situation you would not need to have these provisions activated because you will live a long and healthy life. However, you can get a great amount of peace of mind and clarity for your future beneficiaries in the form of your family members by doing the leg work now. Contact a Georgia estate planning lawyer today to learn more.