Veterans Benefits


Veterans Benefits are perhaps the most misunderstood and least utilized resources available to millions of veterans and their families.  While it is commonly known that certain benefits are available for the brave men and women who served in our armed forces, many veterans (and their families) are unaware that they could be eligible for a wide range of benefits through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs even if they did not directly retire from the military or suffer injuries in the line of duty.  The Veterans Administration offers Aid and Attendance as part of an "Improved Pension" Benefit that is largely unknown.  This Improved Pension allows for Veterans and surviving spouses who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in eating, bathing, dressing, undressing, medication dosing, or taking care of the needs of nature to receive additional monetary benefits.  This benefit can also help are those who are blind or patients in a nursing home due to mental or physical incapacity.  A unique aspect of this benefit is that the income received can be used to pay assisted living facilities or even in-home care for those in need.