Passwords and Planning

Years ago, before online banking, finding financial records was as ‘easy’ as searching for that old shoebox stuffed with check registers and financial statements in your home office/kitchen. These days bank accounts accessed online require passwords and often multiple layers of security. According to one 2013 study by a national bank 87% of high net… Read More »

Big Changes in Medicare for 2016, with More on the Horizon

The times, they are a-changin’. And now so is Medicare. If your perception of Medicare is that it’s a behemoth system, mired in red tape and utterly resistant to change, you aren’t alone. But in 2016, it seems, we’re in for a Medicare surprise. Of course, it isn’t unusual for bureaucracy to ring in the… Read More »

Waiting to Make an Estate Plan? Know the Risks.

The estate planning problem is the same for most people — they know they should do it, and they plan to do it someday. Just not today. Of course, today becomes tomorrow, and tomorrow becomes next month, and so on. Procrastination can quickly become an eternity. Eternity is exactly what we don’t have. Everyone who delays… Read More »

The Best New Year’s Resolution: Plan for Your Future

‘Tis the season for making promises to yourself — and, alas, for breaking them. Research shows that most people break their New Year’s resolutions within the first seven weeks or so. The intentions are noble, but the follow-through is so much harder. This season, we encourage you to adopt a different kind of resolution — one that… Read More »

Some Surprising Estate Planning Statistics

Fox Business is takings its viewers to task for procrastination. “So you consider yourself a planner, do you?” they ask. “You may have your annual checkups booked through December… and a family calendar color-coded to the T. But getting your estate plans settled? Not so much.” Sadly, they’re right. It is a long-standing fact in… Read More »