No Will? Avoid These Four Common Dangers

There are four common situations that can emerge if you do not take the necessary steps in order to plan your estate. While most people understand that they don’t need to have a life insurance policy in place to replace their income in the event that they pass away, your will is also crucial for… Read More »

New Study Says Families Still Uncomfortable Talking About Estate Planning and Inheritance Concerns

More Americans than ever report feeling confident about having conversations around their family’s financial future. However, a vast majority of them are still avoiding communication about estate planning and inheritance issues, a study says. Nearly 20% of adults report that it is not appropriate to share their estate planning and inheritance issues with their adult… Read More »

What Should We Put Inside a Will?

There are three primary goals that you should attempt to accomplish in putting together your will. Naming a guardian for your children, determining who oversees your assets when you pass away, and identifying your estate executor. Aside from determining who to name as guardian of your children and determining how to divide your assets, you… Read More »